Fulvic new formula


We are very proud to present our latest innovation: the new Fulvic® formula.
We have given our famous ultra-pure and 100%-natural bio-stimulator a makeover. An essential complement to your fertilizers to encourage plant growth.

Our new formula Fulvic®, from a new source of fulvic acid, is even more complete than the previous formulation. It helps develop 15% more fresh root biomass than the old version.

Its noticeably darker colour is linked to the presence of humic acids carefully retained during extraction to prevent excess potassium in the solution.


A more effective product with a broader spectrum of active molecules, for the greater well-being of your plants !

With this new Fulvic®, in addition to a better root development you will obtain :

Plants that are more vigorous and disease-resistant.
Higher essential-oil content.
Earlier and more bountiful harvests.
Refined aromas and fragrances.

Make growing all your crops simpler, more efficient and faster now.

It’s time to get started !