Green Plastic

recycled plastic in
Terra Aquatica®’s rotomolded systems

AquaFarm®, WaterFarm®, Ebb&Grow® : Terra Aquatica®’s famous growing systems are now manufactured entirely from recycled plastic. And not just any plastic ! The plastic in question comes from recycling containers for glass. 

“While looking to improve our product, we wanted the best possible raw material: waste-free and sustainable. Using plastic that’s already been used for recycling seemed ideal !”
 S Barbe, General Manager

Rotomolding and a sustainable approach

In a sustainable approach, our systems containers are created using rotomolding. This unique technique offers many advantages. First, the finished product is extremely solid. Unlike injection moulding, the material is not damaged during the manufacturing process and retains its mechanical properties.

Terra Aquatica® is thus able to guarantee these products for life. Second, rotomolding enables us to recycle the plastic again. In fact, it can be recycled practically endlessly as long as it is done using this technique. We are very excited about this sustainable and circular economy based approach. 

« We want our products to produce as little waste as possible and to be able to join a new production cycle when the time comes. »
S Barbe, directeur général

100 % recycled plastic
Local manufacture
Anti-light and anti-UV barrier

Energy efficient

In the same vein, WaterFarm® and AquaFarm® are also adaptable, modular, feature an anti-light and anti-UV barrier to protect roots, and are energy efficient. They consume less than 2W. There’s a reason they’ve sold several hundreds of thousands of units over the years. These hydroponic systems may have been invented over 30 years ago, but their future is certainly looking bright.

Hydroponics system