NL – uk – FloraNova becomes NovaMax

Dear friends and partners,

The most concentrated 1-part fertiliser in our range, suitable for all types of plants and substrates, gets a new name !
FloraNova becomes NovaMax !
A new production process, a new name, and a new label, but the old time favourite formula remains unchanged !
Available in 0.5L, 1L, 5L and Starter-Kit 3-pack
discover it in video presented by William Texier Co-founder of Terra Aquatica !

Pro Organic – How to use it

• Pro Organic is very concentrated : a maximum of 2 ml/L in water is enough, be it in soil or in hydroponics !
• Shake bottles well before each use, add each part to water separately, mix thoroughly, and always rinse your measuring equipment….

Don’t Forget :

• Pro Organic Contest for until the end of March on social networks:
300€ voucher to be won every 2 weeks to spend in your local Growshop.
• A dedicated page gathering all the information on the campaign, the products, and the game on our TerraAquatica.com website