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Mineral Nutrients

We produce some of the purest, most balanced, and efficient fertilizers available. Our line of mineral fertilizers delivers controllable and optimized growth and results, in hydroponics as well as in soil. With our mineral line, maximize the results and reliability of your self-watering and drip irrigation systems, with highly stable nutrient solutions and optimal yields.


FloraDuo becomes DualPart

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DualPart Coco

FloraCoco becomes DualPart Coco

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Oligo Spectrum

Essentials becomes
Oligo Spectrum


FloraKleen becomes Flashclean


FloraMato becomes PermaBloom

pH +-

pH Up & pH Down becomes
pH + & pH –

Organic Nutrients

Our line of 100% organic liquid fertilizers and supplements has been carefully developed for commercial cultivation. These legally certified products can be used together or as stand-alone products. 100% organic farming is easier and more reliable than ever before !

Growing systems and substrates

Terra Aquatica systems are made from 100% recycled UV stabilized plastic for root protection, sustainability, and long service life. They are easy to set up and easy to use. Our coconut coir substrates are clean, light, and exceptionally stabilized for reliable performance. Terra Aquatica has over 20 years of experience in building some of the world’s most efficient and effective hydroponic systems. From single plant culture to commercial scale installations, not to mention pure hydro to organics with coco and smart pots, we have you covered.

Hydroponics system

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