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Welcome to TerraAquatica.com

This platform is dedicated to supporting our customers towards the new identity

Why does GHE become Terra Aquatica ? How will this work ? What is Terra Aquatica ? What is the new range ? What is changing and what remains the same ? The answers to all these questions will be available through content dedicated to each type of visitor: growers, distribution partners.

Evolution of the Eurohydro.com website

Eurohydro.com remains the company’s main website during the transition. With traffic of nearly 100,000 visitors per year that it is essential to maintain, the content of the historical platform will evolve over time to allow more and more room for the new brand.
Numerous links to the TerraAquatica.com website will allow visitors to follow our latest news and become familiar with the new identity.


The new labels 
PROS side

Our marketing department has taken great care in designing the new labels to reassure the user at the time of purchase. The new identity is present but the visual shift is deliberately very subtle. The GHE brand and the old product name remain prominently displayed.
Renaming products is not an easy exercise, but it is also an opportunity to rethink a range logic. We have chosen names that more clearly reflect the use of the product. We are convinced that these names will make it easier for growers to find the product they need.


During December, all products concerned by the rebranding will be delivered with a collar tag to draw the attention of buyers to the change of identity. A simple message: “In 2020, GHE becomes Terra Aquatica. New Names, same product. For more information, visit TerraAquatica.com or our social networks. »
The product itself remains the most effective way to reach end customers in a very wide market. These tags will stamp 120,000 sales units before and after the new labels appear on the market.


You are looking for Terra Aquatica Retailer ?
You are a Terra Aquatica Retailer :
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Media pack to download

Graphic charter, logos, product photos, everything is already available for download so that you can reference the products in your catalogues and online sales sites.

Graphic Charter T.A.®

– Logos
– Fonts
– Instructions for the proper use of Terra Aquatica® graphic elements


All visuals:
– in High Resolution for print
– in Low Resolution for the web
Detail images


All visuals:
– in High Resolution for print
– in Low Resolution for the web
Detail images

In the coming months, we will be making some noise. 

In order to support this second important step, we have redoubled our communication efforts.


In order to make the most of digital communication for our transition, we have set up a dedicated team and deployed Terra Aquatica pages in 6 languages – English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Czech – on Facebook and Instagram platforms in addition to our existing channels.
The change of identity will be accompanied by a vast sponsored advertising campaign based on various contents: photos, videos, educational content, competitions, lifestyle…


For nearly 25 years we have been working hand in hand with the most influential publishers on the market.
From this day forward, we are focusing all our publications on the brand transition, including special “new” issues.
Magazines :
In addition to magazines, we have already contracted new advertising space on web media.


Supports are already available
From 2020, new advertising and POS items in Terra Aquatica’s colours (standard or customised) will be available on request. (Do you want something custom-made? Our field sales teams are on hand to replace the old GHE visuals, feel free to contact us).

We are here to support you

A unit dedicated to follow up the brand change has been set up. We are here for you.


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