CultiMate Aero

Based on the industry leading CultiMate, the CultiMate Aero offers easy, substrate free hydroponic growing on small to medium scales.

With the same easy access 45L reservoir as the CultiMate, the CultiMate Aero offers many similar benefits, but thanks to the use of sprayers and net pots to hold your plants the CultiMate Aero needs no substrate beyond a few recycled clay pebbles.

CultiMate Aero can grow from 1 to 5 plants, and are available in 2” and 3”pot sizes, they are all:

  • Roto-molded in France from super tough and durable recycled plastic.
  • UV and light shielded for root protection.
  • Versatile, adaptable and reliable.

If you already own an CultiMate and want to try substrate free growing, a conversion kit is also available.

* Lifetime Guarantee is for reasonable use only and applies to moulded plastic systems made in France by Terra Aquatica, and excluding ancillary components, motors etc

How to use:


Pro Organic Starter Kit

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