Do you have a soilless micro-farm project?

Starting a soilless farming project is a wonderful adventure, and often a global life project.
The general definition of a micro-farm is a farm of less than one hectare, for a production ensuring self-sufficiency and, generally, a sale in short circuits.

To make your dream project a reality, you will have to check the feasibility of different elements: your motivation and aspirations (hobby, food self-sufficiency, or professional project?), the training you may need (hydroponic technical training, but also, perhaps, entrepreneurial skills, project management, accounting, etc.).

You will also have to consider the legal and fiscal aspects of creating your company (to define the most appropriate status for your project, and the aids you may be able to benefit from).
Your production site, the type of agricultural production you are aiming for (depending on the possible outlets for the products you have identified and the possible sales channels), are all elements that you need to define beforehand.

Once you are in possession of these elements of your project, we invite you to fill out the questionnaire below, to guide and support you in your technical choices among our offer of systems and nutritive solutions.