A new age
in 2020

New labels
for the same products

Flora Series®, Ripen®, FloraKleen®, WaterFarm® are all products that have made GHE a success since its creation in 1995. After the successful transition of the organic range under this new brand in March 2019, it is now time for fertilizers and mineral additives to appear with new labels bearing the hexagonal coat of arms and the initials T.A. for Terra Aquatica® as well as new names that more clearly indicate their use.

The essential remains unchanged

Paradoxically, a change of identity is the best option to remain faithful to the spirit of work and ethics that has animated GHE since its creation. At Terra Aquatica®, everyone knows that our customers are more attached to it than to brands.


Our products are manufactured in-house according to formulations and methods that we master and own.


Associated as employees, they are the same passionate men and women who remain at your service.


Fleurance – France – close from Spain has been home to our headquarters since 1995 and this will not change.


We have our own R&D department. We continue to innovate and reserve some good surprises for you for the future.

Why this transition?

GHE®/ Terra Aquatica® is the European offshoot of General Hydroponics: a true institution for all farmers in the United States. However, in 2015, this Californian jewel was bought by the American giant of lawn and garden products….

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Flora-Series® becomes TriPart®…

We have opted for the clarity and linearity of the names that make up our fertilizer and additive ranges.
Always recognizable, they will help the grower to find the right product for him.


FloraKleen® becomes FlashClean®


Ripen® becomes FinalPart®

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