Ripening Fertilizing Powder

Our ripening solution, HyperBloom®, tested and approved for years in the English-speaking world, is finally available to the European market! 

HyperBloom® is a fertilizer enriched with phosphorus, potassium and sulfur, which accelerates the maturation process of your plants and promotes flowering and fruiting.

Thanks to the variety of its sources of active ingredients, it is easily assimilated and adapts to all types and environments of culture, hydroponics and soil.

An even more concentrated formula, for more savings !

How HyperBloom® works :

– It gently guides the plant towards the end of flowering

– It provides the plant with the mineral salts it needs for floral mass expansion

– HyperBloom® optimizes and improves both yield and crops’ flavors

– It bulks up the production of essential oils and active ingredients at the last stage of fruiting/flowering

Indoors, you can optimize the end of the growth cycle by accelerating the maturation of lazy plants or late varieties.


Available in

  • 100 Gr  • 500 Gr

Application chart :

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