16 February 2022

The first indoor bioponic farm in Paris!

Champerché is an urban farm located at 12 quai Saint-Exupéry in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. 42 m2 dedicated to the bioponic cultivation of aromatic plants and small fruits and vegetables for local customers.

Champerché is a 100% French agricultural start-up. Since 2017, we have been producing locally and continuously more than thirty herbs, micro-fruits and chillies, at affordable prices, all without any pesticides.


Tasteless, nutrient-poor and chemical-laden food is the problem with our food today. Varieties are selected for their resistance to transport, as fruit and vegetables travel a long way to reach us.
At Champerché, we have a mission: to put taste back on our plates!
To do this, we grow ultra-fresh produce, harvested the same day, just a stone’s throw from your home.
Freshness guaranteed!
Champerché also has a strong ecological commitment.
In addition to growing locally in Paris, we use little water, no pesticides and only organic fertilizers, while being more productive.

Yes, it’s possible!


Thanks to bioponics, we combine soilless cultivation with the principle of organic farming.
We use crops from organic and farmer seeds, fed with organic fertiliser and vermicompost juice. Instead of pesticides, we use fungi and insects, our best allies!

Being in a controlled environment allows us to better regulate our environment: temperature, humidity, dosage…
The result? We are 216 times more productive than conventional agriculture.
On 42m2, we produce more than 3 tons of herbs per year!

visit https://champerche.com