Root protection against pathogens is a critical issue for all growers, whether in soil or hydroponics. Given the infinite care that growers take in the development of root systems, it is only natural that they want to protect their investment. Pythium, Fusarium, Verticillium and other bacterial and fungal pathogens can do irreparable damage to hydroponic systems, especially in hot weather, when warm air fosters the spread of molds and damage can appear overnight.

There are “solutions” on the market such as UV sterilizers and fungicides available in garden centers, but all of these alternatives have drawbacks: cost, complexity of use, questionable results, toxicity of fungicides for humans and the environment.

StreptoLogic is easy to use and less expensive. It does not require a biofilter since the bacteria attach themselves directly to the roots.

It is a biostimulant that will use nature’s resources to produce phytohormones, fix iron and stimulate the root system. It will also make the plant more resistant to attacks by fungi and pathogenic bacteria that proliferate more quickly in hot weather.

StreptoLogic is suitable for use in organic farming according to EU regulation 2018\848 2021 1165.


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  • 10 g • 50 g

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