A vital part of Organic growing, and every commercial gardener’s secret weapon

TrikoLogic® is our brand of Trichoderma harzianum: the first beneficial microbial inoculant to become standard in the commercial greenhouse industry.

Trichoderma lives in soil, coco or other similar substrates breaking down organic matter and releasing minerals. This process of decomposition and nutrient release is fundamental to Organic, Organic Hydroponic, and Bioponics, and Aquaponics gardening. As it grows and establishes colonies, Trichoderma also releases a range of plant growth stimulating compounds and substances that inhibit or kill pathogens in the soil which might otherwise harm your plants – as the latest research has been demonstrating.

It’s this range of benefits, for young plants in particular, that has led to Trichoderma becoming a standard in the industry.

As with all Terra Aquatica products, our Trichoderma brand is of the highest quality – all strains and cultures are not equal, and some are significantly less viable than others. We are proud to say that our beneficial microorganism products, bacteria and fungi, are amongst the highest quality on the market.

TrikoLogic® meets European regulation 2008/113/CE on organic agriculture. It is registered under: BBA Nr LS 004987-65-00.


Available in

  • 10 g • 25 g • 50 g • 100 g • 250 g • 500 g • 1 kg

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