31 January 2018

Why is TriPart® made up of three parts?


The idea of a three-part nutrient was invented by GH in 1976. Each of these three parts has a specific function. By using different combinations of TriPart® Grow, TriPart® Bloom and TriPart® Micro, the grower is able to meet the exact needs of his/her plants as they grow and to make specific adjustments to create suitable nutrient mixtures.
– TriPart® Micro, the base solution of the TriPart®, provides nitrogen, magnesium and calcium, as well as trace elements, which are essential for comprehensive nutrition in hydroponic growing.
– TriPart® Grow contains elements that are essential for the vegetative cycle and, therefore, by adding TriPart® Grow to TriPart® Micro, the plant receives additional nitrogen, potassium, magnesium and sulphur, which stimulates structural and leaf growth.
– TriPart® Bloom contains phosphorus, which is necessary for flowering and fruiting, as well as sulphur for aromas.