T.A Organic soil light-mix

Peat extraction is destroying some of our most precious habitats, and most important carbon sinks. Peat bogs are home to rare and endangered species, and provide important filters for our air and water; it’s time to find a better way to make substrates: so we did! T.A Organic soil offers amateur and professional growers:

  • The advantages of a traditional soil without the environmental cost of peat.
  • Optimal water and oxygen retention.
  • Minimal shrinkage between feeds.

T.A Organic soil: light mix is a low carbon product made by mixing recycled by-products of existing industries: composted pine bark, premium quality coconut coir and wood fibre – the natural habitat of Trichoderma harzianum, a highly beneficial fungal organism. We then add perlite for structure and aeration, creating an ideal environment for your plants, and all types of beneficial life.
T.A light mix can be used for seed germination, starting and growing cuttings, in pot based cultivation, and as a soil improver in gardens and borders.

How to use T.A Organic soil light-mix :

Available in

  • 50 L bags


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