1-part nutrient in dry powder form

Using two mineral-based 1-part formulations, one for grow, one for bloom, DryPart is our most concentrated product ever.

DryPart Grow & DryPart Bloom are standalone, water-soluble formulas made with high quality primary, secondary and micronutrients in the right concentrations to give maximum aroma and production in even the softest water. Both are also pH-buffered, which means nutrient solution pH will hold its value once your pH target is met. The dry powder format makes DryPart Grow & DryPart Bloom highly portable, easily stored, which makes it a popular choice for outdoor gardeners.

DryPart Grow & DryPart Bloom can be used for all types of plants and with a variety of water qualities. Whether you’re working in coco coir, hydroponics, soilless or soil, DryPart Grow & DryPart Bloom gives you all the flexibility and transportability you need.

How to use Maxi Series®:

Maxi Series® available in:

1 Kg


Pro Organic Starter Kit

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