An organic fertiliser which can be used in organic farming

In 2004, we were the first to develop organic fertilisers for hydroponics (patent pending for bioponics by Mr. Texier). These fertilisers can be used both indoors and outdoors as part of traditional certified organic farming. This particular environment produces exceptional results.

A unique formula recipe for your crops

Our original recipe is constantly being rethought and improved in order to offer ever more decisive results, in terms of both harvest productivity and taste quality. It is ideal for professional as well as amateur growers.

Our organic fertilisers:

 Pro Organic Grow & Bloom

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Organic fertiliser

Pro Organic

Highly concentrated, fully Organic, 1-part liquid nutrient

Average dosage mL/L
Soil: 2.0
Coco: 2.0
Hydro: 2.0
Average recommended price
Approx. 19.67 € Excl tax / L