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General Hydroponics Europe was born from its American counterpart GH. But
GH has since been acquired by the Scotts Miracle-Gro group and we don’t share anything of their worldviews. The collaboration resulting from the joint work between the founders of GH and GHE cannot be substituted by an integration into this economic giant.

So, GHE will be re-born under the name Terra Aquatica®: a totally independent French company based near the Spanish border.

GHE is launching a 100% organic range under the brand name Terra Aquatica®.

From complete “bioponic” fertilisers, sold under the names Thrive® and Sevia®, to root and bloom boosters selected by GHE, humic acids, seaweed
extract, nettle manure, trichoderma… we have it all, even a brand new line of organic soil.

The first organic peat-free compost on the market, easily recognisable by its blue colour, which is also the colour of the new brand, T.A.® Organic
Soil – Light Mix offers all the advantages of highend organic compost without the ecological footprint of the over-exploitation of peatlands.

You’ve got it. We want all the expertise in plant care and nutrition that we have acquired thanks to our hard work in hydroponics to serve all growers, including fans of coconut and lovers of the land.

Rest assured! We are keeping the original formula of our Flora-Series® as well as those of all the other products we currently sell because we own
the rights to them. Only the name and labelling will be changing.

In terms of ethics and protecting the environment, we always prefer to keep production internal, and to find supplies as locally as possible, out of respect for our employees and for the planet.

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