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Terra Aquatica has developed a whole range of fertilizers and hydroponic growing systems to allow you to control your plantations with complete peace of mind and ensure a generous harvest. Simply follow the application charts on all bottles of Terra Aquatica fertilisers or solutions to ensure vitality and productivity for your plants, whatever the substrate (hydroponics, soil, coco, etc.).
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Oligobio is a growshop located in the Bordeaux region in the communes of Yvrac and Libourne. You will be welcomed by a team of enthusiasts to inform you and enlighten you on the different types of culture that exists. You can also have an overview of the material and fertilizers available on their site.

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Great improvement in my plants

I used this product on my houseplants and they absolutely loved it. I have brought some plants out of dormancy and I can see that the root growth has improved considerably.
A. Riggs
Reviewed in the UK on 3 March 2021
Product TriPart

Huge fruits

Effective in the final phase of fruiting.


Reviewed in France on 10 September 2021
Product : finalpart


An unknown farmer…

This grower did not leave a comment, only a note.
Thanks anyway!


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